Technology Incubation Centre, Ado-Ekiti

Brief History

Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) Ado Ekiti was established in year 2012 but effectively took off in the year 2013. TIC Ado Ekiti is presently occupying about 10 Acres of land at Old Government Technical Compound, along Ikere road, Ajilosun, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State.

The Centre took off with Ten (10) Incubation/Factory Units which later increased to Fifteen (15) with the renovation of more inherited buildings. However, due to limited office space, one (1) of the units was converted into a staff office thereby leaving the Centre with fourteen (14) Incubation Units.

In addition, five (5) more Incubation/Factory units are under construction at the Centre which after completion, the total Incubation/Factory Units at the Centre will be twenty (20).


S/N Business Name Product Name Product Image Description
1 AB-Tech ElectronicsEnterprise Clap Activated Switch The device is designed to automatically switch on and switch off at the sound of a clap. It also helps to avoid the stress of looking for the switch even in the dark.

The device has the ability to detect brownout i.e low current detection and automatically switches on.

It also has the capacity to prevent Overload to avoid damages

Generator Power Booster

The device is designed to increase the load carrying capacity of low rating generator in order to use some home appliances such as pressing iron, Electric heater etc.

Water Tank Level Monitor

This device is designed to monitor the water level of a tank. It automatically switches on the pumping machine when the water level is low and switches off when it is full

Solar Kit This device makes use of solar panel to light bulb and charge home appliances of low voltage.
0-15 Variable Power Supply The device is mostly used in Lab to supply current at different voltage within the range of 0 - 15.
2 Sunny Rossy Nig. Ent. Yam Pounding Machine . The machine is designed to pound yam in less than one (1) minutes.The machine is very rugged and fast.
Garri Processing Machine The machine can automatically process garri from its raw form (cassava) to the packaging stage.The machine can peel the cassava, wash, grate, press, sieve, fryer, grade and finally package it.
3 Lovirhap Ventures Packaged Smoked Fish The Cat fish are being gutted before processing. The fish are processed under serious salt curing method. They are being processed to make it carbonmonoxide free
4 Igbemo Rice Processing Company Limited Packaged Local Igbemo Rice

The local rice is processed with a destoning machine to remove stone and dirt.

The rice is being packaged after being de-stoned and de-hulled, yet retain the 100% nutritional value

5 Royalbanky Global Investment Limited Beans Flour The Beans flour is being produced under hygienic condition and its even fortified with Vitamin “A”
Garri Soya Garri soya is produced under hygienic condition and it is fortified with soya Beans Flour.
Fat control meal The fat control meal helps to control body weight naturally
6 Jidowo Creative Enterprise Fashion bags Local straws are converted into fashionable bags with different patterns
7 Root & Herbs Int’l Limited Avocado Soap, Shea Butter Soap, Carrot Soap, Herbal Cream Substitution of chemicals with Avocado natural Extract, Shea Butter, Carrots natural extract and natural herbs extracts
8 Shape Global Resources Nig. Ltd Water Purifier, Methylated Spirit, Shape Clean Shape (After Shave),

Extension of shelf life from 9 months obtainable in other water purifier to a shelf life of 12months and its decently and well attractively packaged.

The Methylated spirit is produced with higher concentration of active ingredients

It is prepared with higher concentration of active ingredients thereby making it more effective

9 Johnson Jones Int’l & Associates . Mosquito repellant cream The repellant cream is prepared to repel mosquito when applied on skin.
10 Butoseg Nig. Enterprises Scouring powder, Kampala production and design

(i) Substitution of chemical with snail shell to produce scouring powder. The scouring powder can be used to remove stains on pot, kettle, cooker, toilet sink etc

(ii) Special design are made on the kampala to make it more attractive and of good quality

Major Facilities in the Centre

  • Administrative Block/Mini Conference Office
  • Twenty (20) Incubation Units
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Office(IPTTO)
  • Engineering Workshop
  • Functional Boreholes
  • And many more

Success Stories

  • The Centre was able to secure soft CBN/SME loan worth three million, five hundred thousand Naira (3,500,000) for six of the Centre’s Entrepreneurs. This has fairly imparted on their businesses by boosting their production, sales and turns over.
  • One of the Centre’s Entrepreneurs (Suny Rossy Eng) received a commendation award Certificate and a cash worth N250,000 from the founder of Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti (Chief Afe Babalola, SAN) for having a striking project at ABUAFEX food expo 2015.Suny Rossy Engineering is one of the Entrepreneurs at TIC Ado Ekiti, he fabricated and exhibited Yam Pounding Machines with different capacity that pounds boiled yam within 30 seconds. The machine is rugged, fast and excellent.
  • The Centre has been able to also secure a working grant worth Twelve Million, Two hundred Thousand Naira Only (N12,200,000) for one of the Centre’s Entrepreneurs (Sunny Rossy Nig Ent.) from Growth and Employment Project, Federal Ministry of Commerce, Trade & Investment in Collaboration with World Bank

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