Technology Incubation Centre, Enugu

Brief History

Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) Enugu was established in year 2009 and became operational in 2010. It is located at IMT Industrial Centre Independence Layout Enugu. The Centre occupies a landmass of 1.1904 hectares containing major facilities in the centre such as Administrative block comprising of Corporate Offices and rest rooms.

Other facilities in the centre are eight (8) incubation units, 100 KVA generator, two overhead water tanks, a smaller generator and security houses as well as a large parking lot. Also inclusive are five (5) incubation units almost completed.


S/N Business Name Product Name Product Image Description
1 Elshadai Foods Sorghum Flour Rich in Fibre, boosts immune system and reduces risk of cardiovascular disease
2 Venerate Global Resources Plantain Flour Rich in Iron, protein and Vitamin A. Product is unblanched to reduce the calorie level and it has no artificial additives
3 Afrazona Associates Razo Soya Oil Cholesterol free and fortified with Vitamin A
4 Unans Farms and Rural Ind. Ltd Pelleting Machine, Rice threshner, Stationery Grater, Sifter, Vacuum Hot Dryer, Mechanical Sieve, Rotary Fryer He uses stainless steel in areas that come in contact with foods
5 Grand Paint Paint Antiseptic perfume that is human friendly, high bonding capacity and resistance to mould with Anti-fungai mildew growth for up to 6 years
6 Joemary Industries W/A Ltd Wood-Cell cure TERMITE KILLER Treats and preserves wood by fighting insects, termites, wood borers and power post beatles
JIWAL Polegard

Furniture polisher with termite killer and fire retardant

JIWAL Nitro Cellulose Thinner Mixed in paint for the purpose of retaining the life span of paint on cars and dries faster than the usual car paints
JIWAL Home Guard Expels insects and resists fire outbreak in homes and offices
Fire Retardant Resists Fire and can withstand extreme temperatures for an extended time

Major Facilities in the Centre

  • Administrative Block
  • Incubation Units
  • Standby Generating Plant
  • ICT Centre with internet facilities
  • Business secretariat/support
  • Functional Boreholes
  • And many more

Success Stories

  • The centre has incubated 8 residents and 9 nonresident entrepreneurs. There are 19 prospective entrepreneurs.
  • The Centre in collaboration with NAFDAC assisted five (5) entrepreneurs in registration of eleven (11) products and twenty-two (22) pack sizes of their products
  • The Centre also helped entrepreneurs in the registration of their Trade Marks. A total of seven products were registered including two non-food grade products (De-Best toner ink and Trophy Paints)
  • The Centre assisted Elshadai Foods in the registration of his products with SON and obtaining of MANCAP certificate
  • The Centre assisted in the patenting two of the entrepreneurs’ product; - Wood Cell Cure of Joemary Industries West Africa and Sorghum flour of Elshadi food.
  • Products diversification: New products were developed by two of our resident entrepreneurs, such as Wood lacquer and Jiwel Nitro Cellulose Thinner by Joemary industries W/A, and Metro bond and Screeding Paint by Grand Paint Limited.
  • Collaboration with Government and non-Government organizations: (a) NAFDAC, SON, Trade and Investments; (b) Enugu State SME Centre

Our Collaborations